U.S. Soccer backpedals into Gold Cup Final

…and we’ll be there (hopefully). In a phantom minute of extra-extra stoppage time, a blown offsides call that would’ve allowed Team Canada to tie the score, instead put the U.S. into the final, 2-1. It was the kind of call we’re used to receiving, not benefiting from… But, oh well. Mexico awaits in the Classico on Sunday.

We do not have tickets, and that could present a problem. Soldier Field was sold out last night, and is for Sunday as well. 95% Mexicans (or, if I’m feeling sensitive, Mexican-Americans). So looks like we’ll have to pick ’em up streetside and hope for the best. It will be the typical away game on home soil for the U.S., but I’m looking forward to it all the same.

Mexico hasn’t looked that good this tournament, but they are still a very dangerous team. A lot of people in this country don’t realize it, but U.S.-Mexico is one of the best sports rivalries in the country. If you’re curious about this soccer thing, tune in Sunday at 2:00 and have a look.


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