Weekend Questin’

We’re back from a fine weekend of friends, comedy, food, and soccer.  Had a great time, and it was nice to see everyone.  Will post some photos later today.

We were impressed with the city of Milwaukee; had never really heard anything good about it before.  Of course we had excellent guides who showed us some of the nicer attractions and neighborhoods.  Arm Soup at the Annoyance…  What can I say?  It’s got music, weiners, cannibals, Mark V…  It’s got zazz.   If you’re in Chicago the next two weekends, go check it out.

As far as the Gold Cup: 2-1 to the USA in front of a sold-out crowd.  Scalpers were asking $150 apiece, and that didn’t go down after kickoff, so we ended up watching at a nearby tavern.  Was I disappointed–yes, but it was still great fun around Soldier Field, and even better to post the first comeback win over Mexico in the 73-year history of the rivalry (on an absolute Golazo by Benny Feilhaber).

Pictures soon.  A good time was had by us.


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