White Squirrel Redux

Mary M., longtime Beemsville ally and loyal Olneyan checks in with more white squirrel goodness.

white squirrel

Specifically in regards to the poster, she says…

Oh, lawks … I had to do a couple of stories on this whole poster deal, which came on the heels of the squirrels’ crushing defeat in the third round of the Seven Wonders of Illinois contest — we were up for the wonder of the Southern region against Rend Lake, Garden of the Gods (which should have won, to my mind, but I dutifully voted “Olney” every time) and the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

The Rend Lake people had a big grassroots campaign going, as did we, and there was a great deal of jockeying for first place and even accusations of cheating. It ended up a lot like a cross-town high-school rivalry — we did everything but steal their mascot and make up a derisive series of crowd cheers.

And then, after all that backbiting, we got knocked out and they ended up winning … the trophy, the girl and all.

F@#$$% man-made lake.

But, anyway, the posters — they’re part of a series called “Offbeat Illinois,” and they’re all done in a retro style (some better than others, I’ll admit). Here’s a link to the site that has all the posters, beginning with the one for Metropolis, which I would love to have …


I’m also a fan of the Brooks catsup bottle, the Cave-In-Rock poster and the Dick Tracy poster. Check ’em out, kids!


2 thoughts on “White Squirrel Redux

  1. That’s right; I did a F@#$$%… Trying to keep it somewhat prude-friendly around here.
    And you should hear the wife chastising my colorful lingo when the kids are present…

  2. Don’t be surprised when the white squirrels turn pink and the Illinois Department of Commerce ends up missing. Vengeance will be theirs.

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