U.S. Soccer on ESPN Tonite

Usually U.S. Soccer finds itself on the Deuce, or someplace like Fox Soccer Channel, GolTV, or one of the Latino channels. But tonite, you can find Freddy Adu, Danny Szetela, and Josie Altidore taking on the Brazil team at 6:30 CST. On plain old ESPN.

Why? Because the U.S. is fresh off a 6-1 demolition of Poland that included some beautiful goals (see below). Because Brazil always draws a crowd. Because what else where they going to show–another hot dog eating contest?

Tune in tonight for some good attacking soccer. Both teams need a result to guarantee advancing to the knock-out rounds, and both teams like to score goals. Hopefully ESPN will pick up more games from the U20 World Cup over the next two weeks (they’re all on ESPN-U, but not many folks get that channel). As long as the games don’t conflict with a sacred cow like baseball or NASCAR, why shouldn’t they?


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