Ops Plan: EJ Dome

You put your Ops Plan together when you need to organize and formalize all the ideas and divergent scenarios relating to your objective.  In this case, the objective is pretty straight forward:

(Lord help us if we break out the all-orange unis again…)

Sub-objectives include beer, food, parking, child-management, comms plan, and overnight arrangements.  We’ve met most of these but are still awaiting a few vital pieces of intel before the Ops Plan can be certified…

Mizzou is a good team.  They score a lot.  Their D is thought to be suspect.  The entire Fighting Illini team is pretty suspect, though we’re all optimistic about Juice Williams, Mendenhall, Leman, and the new young athletes the Zooker has recruited.   I’m hoping for a wild high-scoring game and a win for the good guys.  As long as we don’t look terrible out there.

The Illini have been pretty bad in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped us from having fun at the tailgates.  The kids have a blast.  I drink beer and see friends I don’t get to spend as much time with these days.  Winning would be OK too.  One reason the bball border war has been so fun lately is we’ve owned them thar Tiggers.  It’s be nice to extend the bragging rights to football too.

I’m sure the Zooker has his Ops Plan in place.  Hopefully it doesn’t call for too many trick gimmick plays and crazy third-down blitz packages.

Our Ops Plan should be finalized this evening.  Then all we’ll have left to do is figure out who can take credit for it.


One thought on “Ops Plan: EJ Dome

  1. I like the all-orange uniforms. Uniforms aren’t supposed to be fashionable or “trendy”. They’re supposed to be loud and annoying. They’re not supposed to color-coordinate like something you’d wear with your damn Dockers. That’s what makes it fun. I can’t stand it when the TV talking heads trash our all-orange uni’s. We’re the Illini dammit! That’s our color, why would we be anything but proud to engulf ourselves in it!

    I say make the turf at Memorial Stadium orange, kind of like Boise St. does. That’d be fine with me!

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