It’s September 11

…think about it.

  • The enemy is still out there, and he wants to hurt us.
  • We are stuck in a bitter conflict–we can’t really win, yet the the consequences of losing would be disastrous.
  • Both political parties have politicized the situation to ridiculous proportions; we have a crisis of leadership in our government on both sides.

But what about you? Have you done any research, have you tried to understand, or do you just sit there and digest what’s fed to you.

Think about it.

(Regular programming resumes tomorrow.)


One thought on “It’s September 11

  1. The enemy does not want to hurt YOU. They want to hurt all the western world. The thing is that you cannot go in their face and just try to beat them up because they are much more clever than that. the thing with making your own research is that you need to speak ay least one foreign language to be able to read the news from other countries in order to have another source of information. No matter what, even the most honnest source of information in our own language/country cannot help forgetting some informations, some tiny bits of little details that make all the difference.
    Feeling low today too, thinking about what I was doing at the same hour six years ago.
    Dr Hell

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