Illini bball gets J-Ho

Football season is ramping up, so let’s talk Illini basketball.

Coach Weber hired former Illini glue-guy and career bench player Jerrance Howard yesterday to fill the recently vacated assistant coaching position. Read all about it. This is a positive move in my opinion: J-Ho is young, positive, and a true Orange & Blue dude.

He’ll need to hit the ground running on the recruiting end, where honestly, we’ve come up short lately. But I’m not one of those guys who think the bball program is in the midst of Ron Turner Act II.  I also think wins and tournaments are more important than the number of stars beside some kid’s name. But no mistake, this will be a pivotal year for Weber and Co. The Big10 will be down, the Illini will be short-handed in the backcourt, but if we can get to 20 wins and make the tournament maybe we can recapture some of that lost momentum.

And maybe sign a few key recruits as well. Go get ’em Jerrance.


2 thoughts on “Illini bball gets J-Ho

  1. Howard will be fine and sell the program to all prospective recruits. If he needs to he can call on Cook, Williams, Brown and Head to help him tell recruits how great U of I is…


  2. I agree that Howard is a positive hire. The only drawback is the lack or apparent lack of recruting ties in Chicago. Jerrence has the personality and the persona to connect with those kids if he can get in the door to begin with. I do agree with Rick that Jerrence needs to make sure to use each and every connection he has on the recruiting trail including the guys that were in his wedding, Cook, Luther and Deron and of course DEE!! We’ll see very quickly how effective Jerrence will be at getting us in the door in Chicago.

    On a side note, we’ll also begin to see where the rubber meets the road with Coach Weber and his recruiting abilities. The last three years Tracey Webster was our head recruiter in Chicago and most other places. The fact that we didn’t sign anyone in Chicago is a true concern. Now that Webster is gone it will be very interesting to see if UK can sign any of those kids. If so that means that Bruce simply can’t close the deal so to speak and may need to be replaced. If not, then it proves what I’ve beleived all along, that Tracey Webster isn’t nearly as good at getting kids as he’d have everyone believe. If UK doesn’t sign any kids out of Chi-town that would mean the Webster’s “contacts” in Chicago aren’t nearly what he would have everyone believe. This move will undoubtedly make or break Tracey Webster’s career.

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