Back home on the prairie

When I travel on the airlines I tend to keep my expectations low. I figured today would be a success as long as I made it home, and with rain and clouds throughout the Midwest, I didn’t hold out much hope of arriving on time.

Well score one for air travel. No delays, no lost luggage, no problems with the TSAs. I guess I have to quit badmouthing Chicago O’Hare until the next time. Glad to be back home, and looking forward to all kinds of football this weekend.

  • Can the Illini beat Michigan and avenge the demons of 2000? They can if they can pass it a little and regain some of that big-play swagger.
  • Will I drink an appropriate level of beer? And who defines appropriate when the kids are along?
  • Will the L.A. Galaxy complete their improbable run to the MLS playoffs? They have to beat the Fire this weekend and hope a couple of other teams lose. Don’t see it myself…

2 thoughts on “Back home on the prairie

  1. I flew home a month ago with no air cond. on the airplane… very stuffy and stinky!

    Appropriate level of beer around the kids: enough that you giggle as much as the kids when playing with a cardboard box.

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