Photos: All Hallow’s

If we’re going to do fam-theme costumes, the least we can do is make it a cool. Or geeky. Whatever.


So the girl wanted to be Spider-Girl, but the mixing Marvel and DC wasn’t working for me. I had to lobby hard to keep it all Justice League. We watched some cartoons and discussed the merits of Kryptonian heritage. It was difficult, because she really does love Spidey, but in the end she didn’t want to be the only one without a cape…


Robin refused to wear his mask point-blank. In his defense, he didn’t get enough of a nap. Several times he was heard to say, “Come on, Batman, let’s go!” This made me very happy. As side-kicks go, you can’t do much better…


The wife was pretty excited about her costume–mostly because she pieced it together all by herself. When I explained Wonder Woman’s Golden Age thematic origins, she was even more excited. Me, I just felt a strong stirring of patriotism and renewed appreciation for the archetypal heroine. On many levels.


So the Justice League ensured both sides of our street was safe and free of evil-doers, all while collecting a fair amount of candy. Afterwards we dropped by a coworker’s Halloween party. Said party featured more decorations and quality food than were really necessary. At first I suspected a plot by the Legion of Doom, but one simply doesn’t say no to bacon-wrapped scallops…

Sure, there was no bonfire and very little drinky, but the scallops… and the mini-eggrolls, and the spicy queso…

I may have started off the night as Michael Keaton-Batman, but by the end, after all that food, I was squarely in the Adam West camp.


Oh yes. I am the night. I am Batman.


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