Fire Out…

of the MLS playoffs.  Courtesy of the New England Revs and Taylor Twellman’s impressive bicycle kick between two defenders.  TT will probably never score a more difficult (read, lucky) goal.  I hope this isn’t a harbinger of this weekend’s sports results.

The Fire need another quality striker–just like every other team in MLS.  They had lots of scoring chances in the second half and flubbed them all.  Paulo Wanchope, once the most dangerous forward in CONCACAAF, needs to retire.  He was a mere shadow out there.  And I don’t think Chicago can count on Blanco to make at through the entire season.  He’ll be 35.

The good news: Osorio, the professor, is the real deal as a coach.  Barrett and Rolfe continue to improve, and Conde is very good.

And finally, Godspeed, Chris Armas.  I will remember you for consistently marking the league’s best midfielders out of the game during your prime.  I hope you show up on the coaching circuit soon.


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