Thankful for Viking Movies

And gravy, of course. And all the important things everyone else always lists.

But this year, we give extra extra thanks for Viking/Norse movies.

Beemsville’s Top Five:

5. The Vikings

Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis assault Valhalla. Good in a classic hollywood bad kind of way.

4. Beowulf and Grendel

The epic story from Grendel’s perspective. Thoughtful. Sad. Good.

3. Beowulf

Now in theaters–awesome retelling of the tale, and the CGI format is worth viewing on the big screen. Review coming very soon.

2. Erik the Viking

The Python take on the Medieval Norse scene, with Tim Robbins and a longship-load of laughs, both clever and overt.

1. The 13th Warrior

I love this movie. Yet another retelling of the Beowulf story, this time from Antonio Banderas-as-an-Arab’s perspective. Epic questing and battles. Best. Heroic. Death-scene. Ever.

So this year, eat ye some turkey, quaff ye some mead, and have a look at any of these Grade-A Odin Approved films.


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