I am… Clark W. Griswold


with tannenbaum firmly secured on our new Family Truckster (the Dodge Grand Caravan/Chrysler T&C is the official Truckster of the aught-x decade btw…) we returned from the hinterlands of Cole’s Station, IL, a-caroling all the way!

So far we really like our new Truckster and are looking forward to getting her out on the open road for the oncoming Griswold Beem Family Vacation!

Yes, I am that guy now…


2 thoughts on “I am… Clark W. Griswold

  1. Cute picture!! How is the tree? Sorry it rained on you-but I expect it was still worth the trip-Coy has been here most of the time since Sunday- He is still running a low-grade fever off and on-chills and sweats-so he is pretty miserable despite his good blood work reports- Hope you are all OK- I enjoyed Thanksgiving and having you all here! AND I’m also looking forward to the Beem Fla. vacation! Go ILLINI!!!

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