Sarah Conner… Is that you?

Terminator: The Sarah Chronicles premiered Sunday and Monday, and while we here at Beemsville are always in favor of death-dealing androids, the question must be posed: haven’t we seen this before?

Of course we have, in three separate Terminator films, and while the pilot boasted impressive fx, gun fights, space-time continuum questions, and a big budget, the absence of a certain Governor-of-Austrian-descent was… troubling.  So is this show worth a look?

Possibly. The original Terminator was all about horror. T2 was big budget action sci-fi at it’s best. T3, well, no one’s complaining too much that the TV show pretty much ignores the events in T3. So what is this show about? Is it Sarah trying to cope with the coming Armageddon? Or is it John trying to fit in at school after moving forward in time 8 years and dealing with strange feelings about this cute girlie Android (Summer Glau, recently of Firefly)? While you can understand Johnny’s dilemma (click here for blatant android faux-nudity), if the show turns towards the latter, they won’t have me to boost their ratings.

The problem is we know this world, its concepts and conflicts, pretty well. What are we going to get that goes beyond some teen angst and a fight against the robot-of-the-week? The time travel angle might do it, but we probably won’t see much more of that. The ratings probably ensure the show will be around for awhile, and I will continue to check it out until it stinks.

But maybe, just maybe, we’d all rather see someone take a few episodes worth of the $4 mill per show budget and order up another season of The Dresden Files or Journeyman. Yeah, that sounds about right…


One thought on “Terminatrix?

  1. I usually watch about the first 5 minutes of Terminator…because it’s on right after “Prison Break”!!! Yessss!!!

    You should write a review of that show, it rules!! And the first two seasons took place in Illinois. There was even a shot of the State Capitol Building in Springfield!! Probably showed your office.

    But yeah, seriously, Terminator? We HAVE seen it before. But I guess if they think they can bring back Knight Rider without the Hoffmeister than can bring back anything.

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