Openings – ‘The Portal’

Been meaning to throw some of the writing on here for months now. I finally concluded I have some sort of subconscious block–and it’s time to rip it away and get over myself.

So anyway, behold, the opening paragraph of ‘The Portal’, which I’m currently trying to place on the e-zine scene. After the bump.

Let me tell you about the night Harko, Sam, Chuck, and I discovered the Portal hovering in my back room. We’d gathered at my place as usual, which is a newer model three-bedroom mobile home a few miles outside the small town of Ziggurat, Indiana. There were severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings in effect throughout the region. You usually get two or three every summer in our area—tree-cracking, trailer-hurling tempests in the truest sense of the word. Such storms we refer to as Thor-worthy.

Edit 10/2/2008: The Portal now online at ‘The Harrow’.  Click here to read on.

2 thoughts on “Openings – ‘The Portal’

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