Injured Reserve

It’s been about two months since I hurt my wrist in an unfortunate fence-jumping incident involving my Ninja Warrior training regimen and some old guys at the beach. Sure, I fell hard on concrete, but two months? Two months?

No wonder athletes in physically demanding sports (not golf or baseball) my age have retired or are about to. The wrist is still sore, but at least it feels OK to resume normal Ninja training activities.

Much respect for guys like Brett Favre, Brian McBride, and Shaq, who can still get it done at that level.


6 thoughts on “Injured Reserve

  1. Your just old! Although you have to respect a guy like Favre who has played FOOTBALL with the same injury you have and he has to throw a ball not type!

  2. Typical mother response. Come on Nancy, we have to have the “Rub some dirt on it and get back in there” menatility otherwise we’d never get out and do anything active! If you don’t believe me ask your younger, more responsible, better looking, more intelligent son! At least thats my opinion of him!! ;^)

  3. Try hitting a baseball with your injured wrist. Thankfully, you could still play soccer though. It’s too bad all sports aren’t dead from the waist up and require only cardiovascular endurance and not boring things like hand-eye coordination and ultra-sharp reflexes.

    Running in a circle and kicking a giant ball around is so difficult, only everyone can do it, including 5 year-olds. You could try for 10 years and not even foul off a major league fastball.

  4. I’ve dropped 11 pounds since January 1st due to my jujitsu/survivalist training regimen. And I’m going to kick your baseball-hating, girly ass the next time I see you.

  5. Mike: the ignorance exhibited by your previous post will, sadly, necessitate a beating. Ninja-style… You should prepare yourself, notify next-of-kin, etc.

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