Lotta Hoops

Mrs. Beemsville just wouldn’t let me change the channel. It was all NCAA hoops all the time. Watching some really good teams, with all the three-pointers and clutch freethrows, was a stark reminder of just how important good shooting can be. Seems pretty obvious, but you wouldn’t know it from watching the Illini.

That Curry kid almost singlehandedly shot down big ol’ Georgetown. Purdue and Duke couldn’t hit anything in the second half or they’d both be playing. Makes you wonder how much moving the 3-point line back next year will affect the game. A few other randoms notes…

  • Bball IQ is vastly underrated by the media and hard to quantify.
  • CBS sucks. One thing you can count on is the five minutes of commercials while the game you care about is in progress. Or they’ll cut away at inopportune times. And Billy Packer? Really? Still?
  • DirectTV March Madness on Demand sucks. If your local CBS channel has selected a game, but CBS corporate decides to switch away from it, that original game you were watching is blacked out on MMOD. Kind of defeats the purpose.
  • I hope ABC/ESPN or NBC/USA makes a strong run on the TV rights the next time the contract is up.
  • UCLA got lucky and got the call at the end. Tennessee got some calls as well. Duke got calls (no way!) but still lost.
  • Nobody wants to play Wisconsin.
  • I had a lot of fun rooting against the teams and coaches I loathe. Not as much fun as if my teams were playing, but…
  • The physical style of the Big 10 and Big East does them no favors this time of year. Same as it ever was…
  • The Missouri Valley still got screwed.

Stay tuned, if for no other reason than to learn if Seth Davis really is the Joker and has plans to take out Clark Kellogg and Greg Gumbel laughing gas-style like in Dark Knight Returns


2 thoughts on “Lotta Hoops

  1. I’ve heard people compare Dell Curry’s son to Chris Jackson (a.k.a. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf – sorry Scott, your blog is now on the terror watch list). Which means I really need to watch their next game.

    I wish I would have picked Wisconsin. I would still have a chance at having all the Elite 8 teams in my best Bracket. Unfortunately, I fell prey to the Big East hype and picked Georgetown.

    BTW, if the Badgers and Spartans both win tonight, do you think Billy Packer will sing the praises of the Big Eleven? Doubtful.

    No matter what, Tennessee got stomped so it’s been a great tourney.

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