Homer Does the 90s

Tonight on The Simpsons it was revisionist history with a twist, as Homer and Marge sort of retold their origins as if they’d been young and college-aged in the 90s*.  This was a bit of a pop culture groin kick for me, as the wife and I were in college in the 90s.  (I’m proud to note I managed to do college for most of the 90s.)

But really, what the hell is this?  Everyone knows Homer met Marge in 1978 just before the prom and they consummated their marriage at the mini-golf course a few months later.  But no–now we skip most of the 80s, turn left at laser tag, Homer invents grunge because he’s despondent over Marge’s interest in her history professor…

It was pretty funny in it’s own self-referential Simpsons kind of way.  Reinvention and self-reference is how they’ve managed to keep that show on the air since I was in high school! Anyway, it dawned on me that Homer was reliving my youth, which means in the Simpsons’ time-space continuum, we are now of relative equal age.


Mrs. Beemsville will not be amused…

*Yes, yes, I now see this episode originally aired back in late January, but I don’t watch the show that closely anymore.


3 thoughts on “Homer Does the 90s

  1. Mr. Beemsville, you are here by ordered to cease and desist all changing of posts by my client pursuant to artcile 17, paragraph 7, lines 3-7 of the Whoot N. Nanny act of 2006. “No moderator my change or in any way alter the posts of a Blogger. Blogs are places where people can go to express themselves without fear of censorship. I mean where are we back in the U.S.S.R.???? China??? Just because one Blogger doesn’t like soccer doesn’t mean his words can be changed.”

    Mrs. Beemsville and Mother Beemsville will be informed of the opression inherent in the system and you will be punshied accordingly! In otherwords, I’M TELLING MOM (and your wife)! ;^)

  2. Yeah Scott, you kind of look like Homer Simpson too. Well, you could if you worked a lot harder at eating and being lazy.

    I saw this episode BACK WHEN IT ORIGINALLY AIRED, because I still watch the show religiously. It’s a shell of its former self to be certain, nothing beats the glory days when Conan O’Brien was the head writer. But I’d rather shoot myself in the nose with a harpoon than watch stuff like “Two and a Half Men” and 98% of the other sitcoms on TV (sexual innuendo is funny dammit!! you laugh now!!), so I still watch ‘The Simpsons’.

    My favorite line from this episode was at the end where Marge says, “nothing could keep the two of us apart” talking about her and Homer, and Homer ruins that touching sentiment by saying, “Well, unless that professor had been nicer to her on the beach.” Yeah, I know that has nothing to do with the 90’s theme, but still funny.

  3. Oddly enough, the Simpson glory days I just talked about was the exact time this episode was supposed to have taken place (early-mid 90’s). Surprised they didn’t do a “remember when the Simpsons were funny” joke, or maybe they did and I just forgot it. Anyway, LONG LIVE THE SIMPSONS!!

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