Indy Build-up

Yes, the Indy fans are all gearing up, and as card carrying members (I used to have a card, I swear…), we are also making preparations.  Around Beemsville, this may well include:

  • Playing the Indy Lego Adventures game
  • Dusting off the old bullwhip–for various recreational activities
  • Watching the first three movies during the week leading up to the Crystal Skull release
  • Avoiding spoilers (seriously, so don’t send or post any)
  • Re-enacting various favorite scenes with the kids

Meanwhile, George Lucas, a little wiser and probably still smarting over various reactions to the Star Wars prequels, has begun the bet-hedging campaign in true election-year-spin-a-rific fashion:  “It’s just a movie“.  But, he also adds, “It was a blast to make…” and  “I like to watch it.”

Well, okay.  Don’t go overboard, there, George.  But it’s kind of more than just a movie as you well know, so we all hope you were on your A-game.

2 thoughts on “Indy Build-up

  1. So the Rube wants you to wait on Iron Man and then we can do a total GEEK MOVIE NIGHT! We can go see Iron Man and then take in Indy! Iron Man comes out two weeks before!

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