Bodyslam! What you should see in Chicago

Still playing at the Annoyance Theater on Chicago’s north side, it’s Bodyslam! The Rise and Fall of C.A.W.C. (Continental American Wrestling Association). We made the trip and saw the show, and were vastly entertained.

It’s not just the overt comedy of average dudes in spandex, preening and stomping and philosophizing about the fine art of the suplex or camel clutch, no–it’s also the odd subtle lines they throw in, the quirky off-the-wall asides and references, the songs and music… It is damned fine comedy. They have themselves an actual ring and some authentic costuming. The cast is talented, intense, and totally committed.

Check out these characters and allow yourself to imagine their roles:

  • Rufus & Preston Dreamwater, the new Tagteam sensation (straight from the Ozarks)
  • Horny Rick, the Billion Dollar Sex Addict
  • Baron Hittem Von Smashem
  • Man-sized Baby
  • Moonshine Misty Morgan
  • The Evil Mr. Bobwhite

Now it’s obvious the writers and cast grew up with a healthy appreciation for some of that classic Hulkster era wrasslin’ theater. I happen to know for a fact that one of those writers once trained for the old WWF at an accredited wrestling school in Decatur, IL (the only problem being his small stature and questionable athletic ability). He doubtless used that experience to add an element of authenticity to his performance. And it shows! You really can’t get much more for your Friday night entertainment dollar than a trip to the Annoyance for Bodyslam! You can also buy the t-shirt with the C.A.W.C. logo. And though this was supposed to be the show’s final weekend, it’s been extended to mid-May, so you have a few more chances.

We laughed unto tears at points throughout. Great, great fun…

While the show was the highlight of our weekend Chicago excursion, there’s more to this tale. But the taxman still has us a little beleaguered and off our game, so stay tuned.


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