Donovan Tearing it Up

The MLS season is one month old, and your two lead stories are:

  • Parity, parity, parity – No single team appears dominant; last year’s bad teams are better while the good teams have lost some players. Blame it on the outdated salary cap and the relaxed rules on foreign players coming on.
  • Landon Donovan, the best American player (probably ever) is running roughshod through the league. With his hat trick last night against Chivas USA in the L.A. Clasico, he now has eight goals. We can partially attribute this to David Beckham playing for the Galaxy, absorbing a lot of attention and pressure and serving countless quality passes for Landon to finish. It’s probably also Donovan truly coming of age. He’s put Germany 06 behind him and is squarely focused on the present and future.  He’s in his prime, as Doc Holiday would say…

This development bodes very well for both the U.S. National Team and the Galaxy, as Donovan has been the closest player to World Class we have. For now we’ll just enjoy the show and hope he can keep it up. He’ll miss some games with L.A. while on National Team duty, and he can’t keep scoring at this pace, but it would surely be cool if he could make an assault on Roy Lassiter’s single season goal record (27 in 1996).

So how about some hat trick highlights…


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