Fedora Day

With today’s opening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, we are now in active spoiler-and-snarky-review-avoidance mode since we won’t actually be attending the movie until Saturday.  So don’t even try it.  I kind of wanted to go opening night, but it’s turned into an actual family outing, which should be cool.

Celebrated Fedora Day by wearing mine and taking the afternoon off from work.  No work tomorrow either.  Will watch The Temple of Doom tonight and The Last Crusade tomorrow, and also the History Channel’s special on the historical inspiration for the Indy movies I recorded earlier in the week.

Also looking forward to just sitting down and reading.  I picked up the comics trade paperback, Mage: The Hero Definedsomething I’ve been wanting to read for some time.  Yes, it’s all about the heroes this weekend…