Bats, Songs, Rails

An enjoyable overnight trip to St. Louis with pals, featuring crappy baseball, karaoke, and amtrak. As always with such occasions, its the camaraderie that makes it fun.

Certainly not the baseball. The Cards were bad; the weather didn’t help. It rained steady enough to get us wet but not hard enough to get the game called. So about the 5th inning it was off to the bars. After some liver abuse we ended up at karaoke, where Mike and Michael stole the show.

And today I took the train back home. With $4 gas, amtrak is suddenly worth a look. On the positive side, the seat was comfortable and I was able to read (I have trouble reading in the car). On the negative, the train was delayed about 45 minutes, which isn’t good for a two-hour trip. This is the third time in two years we’ve used amtrak, and every time it’s been late. Also, I noticed ticket prices doubled from the time I reserved my seat online (Tuesday) to the day of the train.

So reserve early and give yourself some lead time if you’re doing amtrak in the Midwest. If only they had east-west trains in Illinois and were just a tad more dependable, we’d probably use them all the time.


3 thoughts on “Bats, Songs, Rails

  1. Baseball is like Michael Bolton. Soccer is like Dethklok. Baseball sucks, and soccer rulz! Chicks dig real athletes! Dudes dig the wood.

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