How high’s the water?

30 feet high and rising… At least in Quincy, IL, homebase to a slew of Beemsville kin. OK, so they’re actually predicting a 29.9 foot flood crest in Quincy for next week, which is two feet shy of the record set way way back ’93. But wait a minute — that was only 15 years ago. So the second “100 year flood” in less than two decades? I blame Al Gore and his infernal climate change.

While the Mississippi isn’t as bad as what they’ve faced in Iowa, this is still bad news. Why? More than 4 million acres of prime corn farmland flooded in an already lean market will mean higher prices for you and yours. It’s shaping up as the worst corn crop in over decade, and with a percentage of that crop already going towards ethanol, with so many products dependent on corn and soybeans, your budget will feel the pinch. Doesn’t matter if you live in Boston or Brussels.

If that’s not bad enough, the rising waters will soon make their way south to lovely East St. Louis, home to important chemical plants, refineries, and the vital Metro East strip club circuit. Talk about a sack-punch to the local economy.

At least it’s given the media something to talk about. NBC and CNN were in Quincy, marveling at the resilience and can-do attitude of locals who’ve organized and volunteered to fill the sandbags and buttress the levies. Unlike certain other areas of the country… (cough, cough, New Orleans)

Barack was also in town, shovel in hand. Nothing like a natural disaster to bring out the well-wishers. Blagojevich showed up as well — no word yet on how filling sandbags may have affected the gov’s immaculate 1989 ‘do. Quincy being south of I-80, Blago probably required an extra security detail. Yep, the Dems have to like them some Midwest flood action; the more the economy slips, the better their prospects come November. It’s almost as if God’s had enough of the Republicans…

2 thoughts on “How high’s the water?

  1. Rather than blaming global warming and line Algore’s pockets even more, aren’t the floods more a result of the fact that we damn and levy everything to death in an attempt to control Mother Nature, and eventually at some point no matter what we’ve done it is not enough to hold her back? Whereas 100-plus years ago the water was allowed to flow freely, thus there were more floods but they weren’t as bad? Don’t know, just a thought.

    It’s like people in California building mansions in areas that historically have had wildfires since forever, then complaining when their dream home burns to the ground.

    Maybe Ivan Blago could use his hairdo to block the excess water. Talk about unnatural.

  2. Holy Crap in a blanket….did you just say god has had enough of republicans….I think you give up way to early….when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor did we give up….NO!….when the Titanic sunk did Jack give up….NO! (Why couldn’t that fat read head share that door with him???) I say NAY!!! God is trying to punish the wicked people in Quincy! All their “Do-Good” attitudes making the people in New Orleans look down right lazy!!! God has had it with our “I’ll do it myself JoBu” attitude here in the mid-west he wants us whining and carrying on like they do down south!!!

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