Urge to buy motorcycle…


It’s been many moons since yours truly sold his beloved motorcycle — a bike chiefly used to scoot around on campus and impress the girls (it worked on Mrs. Beemsville back in the day). I only wrecked it once and ended up selling it for only $250 less than what I paid for it after four years of use. Not bad. Each year when the weather gets warm, I see the guys riding around and start to feel envious.

And now, as I continue to spiral towards middle age, with gas prices at an all time high, with my in-town lifestyle and very short commute…

Must… resist… urge to make knee-jerk purchase…

I’m not one of those guys who need a sparkly new bike, or some big loud badass machine. Couldn’t afford one of those anyway. But buying some cheap, old-but-cool bike, that maybe needs a little work to get it going sounds very appealing.

2 thoughts on “Urge to buy motorcycle…

  1. Buy it! You deserve it. Well, you do not, but it is less of a gas hog, and much better than that damn pick-up truck that is repulsive!

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