See You at the Con

Final preparations underway for the annual trek to Wizard World Chicago. We have our arrangements pretty much complete and have deposited the kids at the Grandma Bank.

I’ve spectacularly failed in my proposed work prep for this event. No excuse really — just been watching too much soccer. I will still have remaining copies of Vault of Cthulhu in hand as a work sample to hand out to any editors I can get to look me in the eye. I would also like to deliver a copy to Guest-of-Honor Warren Ellis (just for the hell of it), but that will depend on how outrageous his lines are.

A few events I’m looking forward to:

  • Warren Ellis, a writer worth listening to
  • Artist Alley
  • Kirkman, Bendis, and Zenoscope panels
  • Barbarian Battles
  • Batman Gotham Knight Premiere

As always, I’ll probably buy too many books and have fun looking for cool stuff the kids don’t really need.

And if you see a hot blonde wearing a shirt with this logo…

…I’ll be the one escorting her.  Come on up and say hello.


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