Live! From Level 221

…of the Abyss, aka Chicago O’Hare.

Been here since yesterday, and will probably be here all day.  You wonder why all the airlines are filing for bankruptcy these days.  Well, maybe you don’t.  How miserable…  And–

No, no, no, the lady was calling my name for standby but it’s a false alarm.  I’m the last standby dope left in the terminal for that flight.  No guarantee I’ll be first on the list for the next one, though, because “preferred executive” class can bump the rest of us regular slobs.

At this point it’s time to assume a philosophical approach to the air travel gauntlet.  I’ll arrive when I will.  The airline already has their money, so I’m at their mercy.  Getting angry will avail me naught.

2 thoughts on “Live! From Level 221

  1. It will not avail you and I’m glad to see US tax dollars at work so well!!! Isn’t there some work you could be doing instead of this BLOG? I suppose it doesn’t matter to me as the Rube has tax exemption for life due to that thing in the place that he did for Uncle Sam back in the Nam!

  2. O’Hare is hell on Earth: you should have gone through St. Louis on a non-governmental fare. You cannot complain about that third-world airport anymore – never use it again, as it makes me angry and aggressive.

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