RFK Trip

So there I am at RFK for the Superliga Match between D.C. United and Atlante (of the Mexican League).  This was the full 90 soccer experience, complete with pregame tailgate courtesy of Barra Brava, plenty of drums, beer, singing, and chanting.  Unfortunately D.C. lost 3-2. 

(photo from the new phone)

This game was so much more fun than the last baseball game I attended it wasn’t even funny.  A completely different experience.  When you go into the supporters section for a soccer match, it’s all about participation.  The guys welcomed me in, fed me some chips and beer, and didn’t even give me too much smack for being a Fire supporter every other day of the year.  Sort of reminded me of a really good college basketball or football game when you’re up and yelling the whole time.

It was a little challenging to keep up with the game, but as we were standing on the seats all night I was able to pretty much follow it.  Also had problems keeping up with some of the chants en espanol, but I was OK.  The drummers are key to keeping the chants and singing going, and I hope they get some good drummers up in Chicago for the U.S. game in September.  You also have to be prepared to get a little beer on you as that’s the proper form (throwing the beer) when the good guys score a goal.

(I’m towards the back getting beered on)

In other soccer news, the U.S. unveiled the Olympic Team today.  No real surprises and complaints from me; the team is about as strong as it could be considering the unique circumstances of Olympic Soccer.  I do wish we’d been able to convince Neven Subotic to suit up, and that Jon Spector was healthy.  Still this squad is the Jozy and Freddy show.  So let’s see what the next generation can do.  Let’s go win us a medal.


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