Stray Thoughts on L.A.

 With five days in Los Angeles under my belt, I thought I’d post a few stray thoughts and reactions to the big bright city.  I’m not here as a tourist, so I haven’t seen nearly as much as say, you’re average vacationer, but still…




(photo of Santa Monica Beach at sunset from the phone)





  • The lack of humidity is awesome.
  • The cool kids have big sunglasses.
  • UCLA has to have the most beautiful campus among big U.S. Universities.
  • You hear about the urban sprawl and how spread out everything is, but it’s hard to appreciate it until you have to drive somewhere.
  • Barring unforeseen financial windfalls, we couldn’t afford to live here (unless we moved to Compton)
  • Compton ain’t all that bad — at least from the main drag in the car.  Maybe it was twenty years ago when Eazy and Dre were making their names but…  South Chicago is much, much scarier.
  • These people have officially been hoodwinked by the whole ‘organic’ thing.
  • I can see why so many rich folks live here.


I’m looking forward to a weekend to do some more exploring.  Stay tuned…


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