L.A. Travel Photos

Back home for a few days… Here’s the phone photostream from my little trek, which includes the typical tourist spots and a few of the new trademark my-head-with-scenery-over-my-shoulder phone pics.

I enjoyed my time in Los Angeles for the most part, though the earthquake on Wednesday freaked me out more than I would’ve thought. Maybe because I was on the 14th floor at the time. I’ve never seen so many expensive cars in my life. I also enjoyed the vast amount of healthy food choices. Again, to reiterate, and especially after talking with L.A.-based coworkers: the Beemsville clan would need a serious financial infusion to ever consider SoCal.

Couple of note from the photos: My one brush with celebrity was Vinnie Jones, who was having a pint in the Brit-style pub I dropped by to watch some soccer (didn’t get any closer because I’m not one of those guys). I concluded me and the two guys I was hanging with were more psyched about the Compton-stop than practically anyplace else. And on that note, a lot of places seemed familiar from the TV shows and movies, but also from many hours of Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas. If you’ve played the game you know what I’m talking about. Wish I would’ve got a few pics of the Sunset Strip, but we pretty much saw it from the bus.

(click here or on photo to view slideshow)