Back to Cali

After an all too brief weekend back home, I’m back to Cali again…  This time in Sacramento, HQ of the Governator.  He even stays at our hotel when he’s in town!  You know what that means — upscale hotel=outrageous fees for wifi…  Stupid Hyatt

So I’m coming to you from the Starbucks up the road, which will provide me 15 minutes of net along with my coffee.  I’ll have to find the free wifi or boingo spots in this town soon.  And while I’m complaining, how about that O’Hare Airport.  Wasn’t even flying out of it yesterday, but our plane out of St. Louis originated from that abyss, which messed everything up.  What a crap model these airlines adhere to.  They cut corners, provide poor service, and find loopholes to keep from reimbursing the customer.  It won’t change until one of these planes goes down as a result of their incompetence and cheapness.  I can only help me or mine ain’t on that flight.

Back soon with my Illini summer report.


2 thoughts on “Back to Cali

  1. O’Hare is super fun, I agree. In planning future travels, I think I may forego the airways and take to Ike’s Interstates and the old blue highways of Greyhound. Now I just need a chain-metal turtleneck.

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