Amblin’ and Scramblin’

I never really understood why people like to run in local races.  It’s not like they’re going to win anything or it will lead anywhere…  It’s not like it’s, well, fun.

So I let some coworkers talk me into running the local 10K, known as Abe’s Amble, which falls on the last day of the State Fair.  A nice little route through the fairgrounds and a park, down past Lincoln’s tomb and back.  It wasn’t particularly fun (at least the run wasn’t).  But at least now I kind of understand why people like to do it.  When you have something to train for, a goal in mind, you’re more focused on sticking with the healthy habits.

I’m not a good natural runner but I still had an enjoyable day, and I have pushed myself a little harder over the past month to get ready.  Don’t see any marathons in the future, although a mini-triathlon might be cool.  Anyway, Beemsville now wholeheartedly endorses running the local circuit – if for no other reason than to give you something to shoot for.

At the start

At the finish

3 thoughts on “Amblin’ and Scramblin’

  1. Whatcha’ Bench?!?!? Seriously though what was your time and please tell me the Lady in the Start picture to your left with the obnoxious flowered shorts didn’t finish in front of you!!!

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