Motorcycle Fundage

Remember this post about looking into motorcycles again? Ah, yes, the audacity of hope.

My econ-stimulus package was ear-marked, my initial research and shopping well underway, and my wife was no longer furious at the prospect. So what happened?


Hey, you gotta love the plaid…

And this:

Note the red tape serving as rear tail light cover…

Yes, the boss has been wanting a new deeper couch — one that could comfortably allow two adults to lie down and watch movies — for quite some time. And one became available for a reasonable price.

Then the truck went in for repairs. It’s a good truck, a trusty vehicle, now 10 years old with 130K miles. I knew there were problems, just like I knew I’d need to spend some money to keep in running; especially if I want to reach the goal of someday embarrassing my children by picking them up from practice in battle-worn ancient truck (Uncle Buck-style). And, yes, the repairs cost twice what I’d budgeted for.

Sigh. It was still cheaper than payments for a new vehicle. But, for now, with this combination and projected fall expenditures (football), the motorcycle will have to wait.

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