Do your own ringtones?

It’s not as easy as it should be, at least with Verizon, who’s model seems to be: Hit them where you can…

So you have your phone, your computer, and your tastes run a little outside the mainstream.  Maybe you want the Venture Bros. Theme, or Metalocalypse Intro, or the little Autsin Powers phone sound.  Maybe you want a particular 15 or 30 second clip of some tune, or a movie quote.  And you don’t want to pay $3-5 for it.


Well, you shouldn’t have to.  If you’ve paid for the music or it’s freely available, you should be able to get it to your phone in short order. With that in mind, Beemsville will conduct a little research, a little experiment, if you will, to see how difficult and/or annoying this task turns out to be.  I’ve already done a little research, and I’m pretty sure I can make it happen.  I’m also reasonably tech savvy and stubborn.

Let’s see what happens.