Fall Classics

No, not talking about the World Series.  We could care less around here.  But a busy Sports weekend kicked off in Beemsville last night with the Chicago Fire’s 5-2 dismantling of the Red Bulls.  Chris Rolfe with the hattrick and two assists in a great performance that would seem to indicate the Fires are ready for their playoff run next week.  I’ve liked Rolfe’s game since he came into the league a few years ago and would like to see him get more super-sub  minutes with the U.S. team.  If he were 6-1 instead of 5-8 with his skills and quickness, he’d probably be playing in Milan right now instead of Chicago.

Tonight we head to Beardstown for the High School football regular season finale.  Nephew Jake’s Central-Southeastern team can clinch their first playoff berth in awhile with a win tonight on the river.  We’ve really enjoyed Jake’s games this year and will be there with our ponchos on and ready to yell and cheer.  CSE has had come-from-behind wins the past two weeks to keep their playoff hope alive.  Hopefully Jake and the boys can get rolling sooner tonight.

The Illini begin a key stretch tomorrow morning against Wisconsin.  The Badgers, with four straight losses, are tough to figure.  So are the inconsistent Orange & Blue.  The conventional wisdom around here is that the Zooker is good for one head-scratching loss a year, and we had that against Minnesota two weeks ago.  Crisis averted.  On to a decent bowl…  Right?  Right?  Which Illini team shows up?  How will the weather affect Juice and the passing game?  Are the Badgers really that mediocre?  I hope so.  A convincing road win would be nice, but we’ll settle for some consistency.


2 thoughts on “Fall Classics

  1. Yep. Jake’s team won and were one of the last teams to make the cut. Their reward: a first round match up with Illini West (Carthage-Nauvoo), probably the #1 team in 3A.

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