Signing Day for Illini Hoops

Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be the highlight of the week for Illini sports.  Yesterday Coach Bruce Weber received letters of intent from four heralded high school seniors: Bertrand, Griffey, Paul, and Richardson.  A good class by all accounts, and one that has had fans excited since these guys gave their verbal commitmments the previous summer.  

Signing day hasn’t been much fun in recent years, but those days could be over – a least in the near term with a great class expected to sign next year as well.  This class is ranked third in the Big10, which is a big improvement, and while many of can ask how the recruiting went so wrong for a couple of years, it seems obvious Weber has adapted and figured it out.  

Now how quickly will these guys assimilate to the college game next year?  Could any of them possibly be granted early eligibility to help this year’s team?


2 thoughts on “Signing Day for Illini Hoops

  1. Richardson will be ready to start next year (as long as he makes the academic requirements).. The prep school he is at plays at a high level and travels all over the country so he will be somewhat use to the tough college atmosphere…

    The rest will contribute as well….. especially since we will lose 3 starters from this year, granted Chester, Trent and Calvin are not Dee, Luther & Deron but they are veterans none the less…

  2. I’m not convinced it will be Richardson that will step up. I think it will come down to whomever plays the best defense. The offense will hopefully take care of itself. To be honest, I’m not sure any of them will start next year.

    The Rube projects:

    Thats not to say that all three of the guards won’t get a shot at significant playing time.

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