Deadline Driven

What is it about deadlines that I find so distasteful?  Deadlines?  Phawug!

And yet my job has become more and more deadline driven the last few months.  Not sure why I have this internal resistance to these arbitrary dates, but I have gained a little more appreciation for their effects on scheduling and managing.  Sometimes (not always) you do good work under pressure; sometimes not so much, but you do tend to get it finished–at least in draft form.  And a draft is something you can work with.

So I was listening to this podcast about comics, and one of the guys announces he willhave his book out in printed form and he’s giving himself a year.  He proceeds on a diatribe about the artificiality of deadlines and how they’re ultimately vital to the true pro.  Then I was reading something similar on another blog…

Yeah, yeah, I get it.  Since mid-summer, I’ve had trouble sustaining any kind of momentum or sticking with a project to completion.  Well now I have a real deadline to shoot for next summer, and I will also be giving myself some fake ones for further stimulus.  It will probably take me out of my comfort zone and force me into a few sacrifices with my “down time”, but it’s time to get stuff done.

After all, some of my best work was the result of hitting deadlines…

One thought on “Deadline Driven

  1. Its just another example of “The Man” keeping you down. I say PSHAW to deadlines too! I mean really who needs somebody else telling you when YOU should get something done. How much better would the world be if people could just “get things done on their own time!” Imagine if you could just show up for work at whatever time you wanted. You could go home when you felt like it. Wow the possibilties are endless. Here though, is the Coup de Gras….Taxes….imagine being able to pay your income taxes whenever you wanted…..You could put them off your entire life….then just hand them down to your kids. I like this idea of no deadlines….this could really catch on!

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