DJ Spock and the New Cast

DJ Spock in the house…

Also saw the trailer for the 2009 Star Trek movie this weekend and thought I would share the love.  You don’t actually see the actors portraying young Kirk, Spock, Bones, etc., in that trailer, but check out the one on the website.  If that doesn’t get your Trekkie blood pumping, you need to return your membership card.  Two words: F@&#ing awesome…  I do believe this movie is #1 Beemsville’s most eagerly anticipated for 2009.

But what about that cast? Some familiar faces and names, as well as a few folks most of us haven’t really heard of. I suspect we’ll see more stills of young Kirk and the crew as release date (5/8/09 ) draws near, but for now here are a few photo montages to set the mood…

2 thoughts on “DJ Spock and the New Cast

  1. Sean of the Dead as Scotty!!! Awesome, I can hear it now….”I’m given ‘er all she’s got captin…but she’s a brain eating Zombie, so I’ll have to throw my Electra’s greatest hits LP at her head to get her going again!” Saaaaaaawwwwweeeeeeeetttttttt!

  2. Two words…gay!!! On another more important note, the long-anticipated Friday the 13th remake is set to hit theaters Friday, February 13th 2009. Talk about AWESOME!!!

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