Your College Football Champion…

…ladies and germs, I give you the Utah Utes.

What?  You think that other game going on tonight [Note: posted in the 3rd quarter] has any bearing?  Really?  Why, because a computer and national perception told us so?  Sure, Florida and Oklahoma are mighty good teams.  So is Texas.  So is USC.   And all those teams have one thing in common: a single loss.  Unlike the Utes.

If only there were some way, some fashion to have the top teams play a sort of tournament (like every other college and professional sport in this country) to name a national champion.  Some kind of playoff…  How novel!

Even beloved Pres-Elect Obama has publicly endorsed a playoff!  What more do you need?  At the same time, the pundits and pseudojournalists have not taken up the hue and cry.  All you hear about is plus-one.  An extra bowl game between the perceived best suitors at year’s end.  OK, then who do you take this year.  Who plays the winner of Oklahoma-Florida the next week.  Texas?  Nah.  USC?  Maybe, if they didn’t get the advantage of playing their bowl game in their back yard every year.  No, the answer is clearly the Utes. Continue reading