Confirmed for USA-Mex

One of the bigger sporting events for us this year is the World Cup Qualifier between the USA and Mexico on Feb 11 in Columbus.  It’s Rivalry writ large.  This match traditionally helps decide the leader of the North-Central-Caribbean region, and it’s also the first of the Hexagonal — a home-and-away series between the final six regional teams trying to qualify for next summer in South Africa.

Columbus was the first town to build a soccer-specific stadium for its MLS team, the Crew.  As such, and with the US Soccer Federation able to better control tickets sales in a smaller Midwestern venue (22,000 seat), thus ensuring a pro-USA crowd, Crew Stadium has been the site of choice for this clash the past two World Cup cycles.  In 2000 you had Clint Mathis and Josh Wolff coming off the bench to bury El Tri.  In 2004 you had Oguchi Onyewu dominating the back line and clutch play by DaMarcus Beasley.  Both were 2-0 wins for the good guys.

img_8180aThe last Beemsville cap was in Chicago against Trinidad & Tobago last September.  Definitely a tanktop and fake-tat kind of day.  Next month will be more of the longjohn and stocking cap variety.  The wife definitely prefers the former, but we will be in full voice regardless.

Advanced tickets acquired through the American Outlaws, one of US Soccer’s official supporters’ clubs.  If you want to purchase through them, you have until tomorrow night.  Otherwise tickets go on sale to the public Jan 28.  They will sell out in a day or two, so if you’ve ever considered checking out a World Cup Qualifier, get yourself together.

One thought on “Confirmed for USA-Mex

  1. I can’t believe how much soccer knowledge you store in that brain of yours…..


    Have fun… I’ll be sitting at home in the warmth watching…… something….. anything except soccer. 🙂

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