What the Frak Are You Watching?

Tonight, at 9:00 CST, those of us with discerning tastes and an appreciation for good TV drama, will be watching the premiere of the final run of Battlestar Galactica episodes on Scifi.  It’s Adama.  It’s Starbuck.  Cylons with souls.  Now, having finally reached the promised land of the forefathers…

Despite being snubbed by various mainstream awards, this series has been the best drama on for a couple of years now.  The stigma of science fiction is probably enough to keep golden globes and emmys away, but BSG has developed quite a devoted following among both critics and fans.  And we’ve been somewhat abused for our loyalty by Scifi’s callous breaking up and extending of the seasons.  This has included putting off the final run of episodes for half-a-year.  But now we’ll have to forgive them because it’s finally back on.

If you haven’t clued into BSG by now, it’s almost too late.  Your best best would be to add the previous seasons to your DVD queue, watch them, savor them, and maybe record this season to save for when you’re ready.  But expect no mercy in Beemsville, for I anticipate a number of posts on the final run as we drive through the winter.  Stay tuned…


One thought on “What the Frak Are You Watching?

  1. Well, that was one depressing frakking episode… Of course it would have to be, but I didn’t see a few of those turns coming.

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