Sparty Must Go!

In these uplifting times, with our beloved new President set to improve our collective lot through sheer awesomeness, haven’t we come far enough as a people that offensive “mascots” like Sparty the Spartan should be retired?

Grubb thinks so…

We defy you to find any counterpoints to his sound and reasonable argument.  And oh, yeah: way to lose to Northwestern at home, MSU.

Coming soon:  Why the ‘Trojans’ are patently inaccurate as portrayed on campuses across the nation, and why white people should demand an end to profiteering from the sports nickname, “Hoosiers”.


4 thoughts on “Sparty Must Go!

  1. You crack me up.. Well written piece Grubb.. I didn’t know you were capable of fine writing.. Scott are you sure you didn’t write that for Grubb?

    While you are at it, I bet the 3 sober Irish americans in the land would like an investigation into the Notre Dame “mascot”…

    and shouldn’t the christian organizations take a look into the Duke “BLUE DEVILS”.. not promoting a good image for my kids either.. especially when pair with DOOKIE VITALE….

  2. Wow, I got a pingback from Beemsville and a backhanded compliment from Rick! I must have finally done something right for a change. Woo hoo!!

  3. I’ll tell ya boys…..this whole thing is a big heaping pile of shite….not your blogs or posts, but the fact that this is allowed to occure my semi-euro-ethnic mind is offeneded on so many levels….well go to Grubbhub to see what I really think…..

    Mushroom, mushroom…

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