A proud day for…

Illinoisans this week…

No, not the obvious.  No, not the impeachment either.  We’re talking about the proud and patriotic display by Arcola’s finest, the Lawn Rangers at the inaugural parade.  The Monahans*, various hangers-on, and requent collaborator and embedded reporter Dave Barry were all along for the ride.  Dave filed this report from the front lines

Amidst all the hubbub and shameless journalistic fawning, it was a pleasure to see the Lawn Rangers out there doing their thing.  If nothing else, it illustrates Beloved President Barack’s sense of humor, which is something he’ll no doubt need in the coming months.  I took special pleasure in the confounded response of the NPR news team resporting on the Rangers’ appearance as I was driving home…

REPORTER 1:  We’ve just seen something called the Lawn Rangers…  Some kind of precision mower team with capes.  Not very dignified…

REPORTER 2:  Well, Muffy, apparantly they’re from the small town of Arcola, Illinois, so that must explain it.

REPORTER 1:  The President seemed amused, so it must be a good thing.  By the way – Democrats are so  awesome!  Let’s talk more about how awesome everything will be now.

…or something like that.  No doubt the above photo, from the 2003 Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade, had something to do with it, but we’re glad the Lawn Rangers made the trip.  If you’ve never seen the Rangers in action, here’s a sampler:

*I don’t really know any Monahans, but they’re one of those families indelibly linked to their small town.  You could always open up the paper when I was growing up and find a Monahan in the box score for an Arcola sports team, etc.  In fact I think their were two Monahans on the Arcola squad we defeated to take the Bball Regional back in the day…


2 thoughts on “A proud day for…

  1. This is the gods honest truth, there were 4 Monohans starting when I was a senior. I believe there was one more on the bench. Coach Reynolds and the rest of the team had a laugh in the pre-game talk when we discussed whom was guarding whom etc. Quite interesting.

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