The Hair No Longer Sacrosanct

In a move designed to do nothing so much as affect the jurors in his eventual criminal trial, the Blago went uptown yesterday, as in Manhattan.  It was Good Morning America, Today, the View, Larry King.  Yes, he finally received the kind of national media attention he’s been pursuing for so long.  This as the Illinois Senate began his impeachment trial.

But it was not without a cost.  As you may have seen, the Governor’s source of strength, his very conduit to the Blago mojo was violated by shameless talk-show harpy, Joy Behar…

Note: You may have to go to the blog site to view the youtube clip.

This, then, is the turning point.  The Hair is no longer sacrosanct.  If you will permit us this metaphor, that the Blago’s public life is now like a man falling down a very long flight of stairs, then the defiling of the Hair is the moment in which he finally loses his balance and begins to plummet.  A sad moment indeed.

But what a sight he was!  Sallying forth with brave poetic flourish (Kipling again) to let us know this is all about his health care plan (that the state can’t afford) and desire to get that public works package (pork and earmarks) moving again.  Decrying the fact he won’t be able to call key witnesses to the impeachment trial (never mind his decision to ignore the trial).  Demanding his due process.  Warning you, me, and the rest of America:  ‘If they can do this to me, Governor Rod Blagojevich, imagine what they’ll do to the rest of you insignificant worms!’  If only we could accept that he’s a two term elected governor (current approval rating: 7%) with a mandate to lead and the legislature has severely overstepped it’s bounds.

But, alas, it is not to be.  In Illinois we have no recourse but to watch the majestic Hair be pummeled into submission by a system designed to balance power, and by a federal prosecutor whose own hair is sadly lacking in both volume and creativity.


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