Countdown to Columbus

It’s less than a week until the monumental World Cup Qualifier between the USA and Mexico in Columbus, OH.  We have our tickets and all the pre-game plans are flying around the interwebs.  This is a big deal in Beemsville.

Coach Bob Bradley hasn’t released his roster for the match yet, with most of the European-based players expected to arrive after this weekend’s club schedule.  Don’t expect any surprises with the selections, or for many of the younger talented offensive players to see the starting line-up.  Will that come back to haunt us?  Mexico is hurting – a run of shaky games, injuries, and key players suspended – but they also have a coach in Sven who won’t fall vicitm to the typical Mexican mental trap of this match (we are superior, therefore the game is ours).  There’s been markedly less yapping from the Mexican players this time around.

Right now the forecast in Columbus is mid-40s with rain.  We are hoping it either gets cold enough for snow or the precipitation will pass.  And we’re trying to figure out how to wear red over our winter coats.  For now, here’s some official propaganda, youtube style:

One thought on “Countdown to Columbus

  1. How come everytime I come over here to try to waste time when its slow at work ther newest damn article is about SOCCER!!!!!!! For cripes sake, how about something more than 1/2 of 1% of your readership wants to read about like!!! Mushroom, Mushroom……

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