Pentagram: Ill v. PSU

What a pathetic display of offensive basketball that was.  33 point?  33 god damned points?

You just don’t win with that kind of impotent O.  Credit to Penn State and Ed DeChellis:  much like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Northwestern earlier, he had an excellent gameplan taking advantage of Illinois’ tendencies and stalling the motion in its tracks.  PSU knew very well where we like to take our shots and defended them well.  In fact everyone the last few weeks, except Indiana who simply cannot match up, has held this vaunted motion offense down.  And if no one is particularly on, well, the Illini are not exactly going to bull their way to any easy baskets.

A quick look at the box score tells us the co-leading scorers for the O & B were Frazier and Meacham with 7 apiece.  The team was 30% from the field and 19% from 3.  And they attempted no free throws. Mike Davis took 6 shots.  How does he only get 6 shots with a 6-6 guy guarding him?  How?  Because we never throw it to him in the post?  Because he’s too busy screening and the guards never throw it to him off the pick-and-roll?  How the hell do you only score 33 points?  Why not put in Legion, or Cole, or Bubba effin’ Chisholm?  Nice defensive effort by the team, but…

You think maybe Ohio State and Michigan State will get that scouting report?  They all know how to stop us now, Coach.  And a game like this, at home no less, is a back-breaker that could crush the collective confidence and send us towards an ugly sputtering finish.

The Pentagram will be short and bitter…

  • The offense sucks.
  • Nice D by Chester on Battle until the last two minutes.
  • The offense is predictable, static, unimaginative, and it sucks.
  • Zero free throws is pathetic and indicative of a litany of offensive problems.
  • Everyone knows your tendencies, Coach.  You need to add some wrinkles quick; but furthermore, you better think hard about adjusting your offensive philosophy in the off-season because this has been happening every year.

*Somewhere in Jacksonville, Andy Kaufmann is shaking his head in disbelief.

4 thoughts on “Pentagram: Ill v. PSU

  1. You actually care what Andy Kaufman thinks…. He would love this offense because it is so guard oriented.

    They didn’t make good cuts off of screens, in the first half we were getting the shots we got all year just were not knocking them down. That offense is unstoppable if run properly. We are a jump shooting team so if the jump shots are not falling look out..

    Lets see if the OSU game is as bad, if it is then start getting worried.

  2. Did you really think that the PSU game was due to bad planning etc? We couldn’t shoot and they were playing LAZZZZZY….

    They are young and the only way to learn some lessons is by FIRE…..

    I think the OSU game is the real Illinois team.


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