Tiles of Woe

Not big on home improvement around the old household, but sometimes you just have to make the attempt.  In my case, this means I need someone along who really knows what they’re doing.  So big thanks to my pal, John, an experiened weekend project guy, who provided the skill and know-how for this, the Beemsville Bathroom Tiling Project of 09.

Here’s your before.  Note the carpet.  It wasn’t bad and nice for your feet on a cold night, but carpet in the bathroom?  Who has carpet in the bathroom?



So, having stripped out the carpet, we installed the base sheet.  A tricky job with some of the weird angles in our old house…


The tiling itself required actual skill, which is where John really earned his pay.  What pay, you ask?  How about a few slices of pizza and a cold beer – what a bargain!  I believe I absorbed enough to actually be able to lay the tile next time, though my technique was pretty rough…


The next day it was on to the grouting.  This was mostly me, as it required less skill.  A messy task, and once again I took about twice as long as was probably necessary.


The wife picked out the tiles and grout.  It looks pretty nice if you ask me.  And after minor fiascos involving disappering toilet bolts and obstinate trim nails, our bathroom is officially remodeled.  And, surprisingly (at least to me) I’m almost looking forward to the next project.



6 thoughts on “Tiles of Woe

  1. nicely done, sgt. beem. i’m considering a similar project this summer — and your success gives me hope. now if only i had a buddy named john who would school me for pizza and beer…

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