In the Book Hopper

Looking at the recent content, it seems we’ve been lax in postings about books, reading, and scifi goodness.  This will soon be rectified.  I can explain: I decided to go back an reread Ray Feist’s Magician (which is a big-ass book) to see how it compared to my teenaged memories of the novel.  Not surprising, but it definitely seemed a lot more awesome to my fifteen year old self.  I also read The Ballad of Billy Badass and the Rose of Turkestan by William Sanders around Christmas: a fun if somewhat dated nuclear sci-fi yarn.

I’ve been reading some comics — expect something on Ed Brubaker’s Sleeper soon — and catching up on some short fiction with Weird Tales and other miscellany.

Right now I’m about to finish Laurell K. Hamilton’s Narcissus in Chains, which the wife read and recommended, and then it’s on to Neal Asher’s Skinner, David Keck’s In the Eye of Heaven, John Barnes’ Gaudeamus, Steve Erikson’s House of Chains (yes!), and probably Tobias Buckell’s Sly Mongoose in no particular order.  Yeah, that should keep me busy for awhile.  I’m a little bit obsessive about my reading, and of course always reserve the right to sneak something else in that catches my eye, but expect to see more book posts in coming months.


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