Public Service: RSS Feeds

Folks have been asking, what’s the deal with the RSS stuff?  How do I make sure I don’t miss updates from Beemsville and other sites?  What is a feed-reader?

As such, we’d like to provide the following public service post.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It’s a web format that stores entries with time/date stamps and titles as separate posts.  As such, you can subscribe to this format, receiving these posts or ‘feeds’ in your platform of choice.  Blogging grew from the RSS format, and you know a website provides RSS feeds if you see this icon:


If you click on this icon, you will have some options for subscribing to a feed.  You can use a feed reader (Beemsville recommends Google Reader), have the posts delivered to an email address, or add it to a homepage as custom content, e.g. iGoogle, My Yahoo, AOL home.  If you are adding custom content to a homepage platform, you usually only have to enter the website address ( and then Google, Yahoo, AOL, will go out and grab the feed.  This also works well for email if you set it up to have the feed delivered to a specific folder to keep stuff organized.  And yes, you can receive feeds on social sites such as Facebook and MySpace as well.  I hear you can even get them on those new-fangled Kindle gadgets.

So why would you do this?  Maybe you have certain favorite sites you can’t do without and you want an alert every time something new is posted there.  Maybe you want certain content pushed to your Blackberry or iPhone.

Me, I use RSS feeds to organize my daily info-take.  My feeds include podcasts, columnists, scifi news, local stuff, sports updates, and whatever else I’m tracking.  It’s like a personalize morning newspaper.  The future is here!  Now where’s my flying car…

So go ahead and add Beemsville to your RSS feeds today.  If you need help, give me a shout.  

End of public service post.


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