Y’know, Truckin’

I don’t need an ex NFL player with and oddly shaped head to tell me about real truckin’.  In the Midwest, we know truckin’.  You do truckin’ when you have to haul stuff.  And you need a truck for that.


The official Beemsville truck for truckin’ is a 98 Mazda.  And don’t give me no crap about buying American; it’s made in the same damned factory by the same workers as a Ford Ranger.  It is a Ford Ranger in all but name.

I’ve now had the green beastie for 10 years.  Bought it in 99 in the St. Louis days.  It has some dings and some warts and it smells a little funky, but it’s my truck.  So I’ve been a little sad lately realizing my truckin’ days may soon be over.  You see, in today’s fleet-or-get-beat go-go world, you really need to be able to haul the kiddies in both vehicles.  Especially when you have one parent coming, one going, and kids moving towards activity-land.  And sadly, that’s not possible with the green beastie.

Since I’m pretty much a townie now, this isn’t such a huge deal.  I can get by without the truck, right?   And then this weekend, as part of our grand spring-cleaning and reorganizational, I find myself hauling stuff to storage.  Whole truck-loads.  Multiple truck-loads.  Truckin‘…

So I’m thinking maybe I’ll hold on to the green beastie, come what may.  It’s not worth anything on a trade-in anyhow, and I could probably store it somewhere and drive it a few times a year, then dust it off for the girl when she’s of age in a decade or so.  By then it might even be vintage and cool, and a great excuse to teach the kids the right way to drive – with a stick.

Or we may finally get our flying cars and jetpacks by then.  With Obama in the White House, anything’s possible, right?


2 thoughts on “Y’know, Truckin’

  1. Keep it. Drop the insurance to liability only and keep it. It is great to have a truck around, so you don’t have to go begging for one from a friend or be one of the dorks with his van door tied down while trying to haul a couch in the back.. 🙂

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