Trek Day

The new Star Trek is finally upon us.  Easily the most anticipated movie in some time around here, we’ll be out to the local cineplex with Vulcan ears and phasers in tow.

Do we some concerns?  Sure…  Despite our policy of avoiding buzz and potential spoilerage on movies  we’re interested in seeing, it’s hard to keep away from everything.  Here are a few:

  • J.J. Abrams self-professed lack of Trek-lore knowledge –  Does this equal a fresh take without being bogged down by the mythos, or does he step in it?  Will whatever story they came up with satisfy the hardcore fans?
  • Kirk as the jerk – Captain Kirk is one of the great sci-fi adventure characters, period.  One reason is self-confidence that can cross into arrogance.  From the trailers I’m concerned this version of young Kirk remains likable and doesn’t turn into a cocky caricature.
  • Alternate Universe – Heard a rumor this movie and version of Star Trek history actually takes place in some kind of alternate universe.  Ostensibly to keep from angering the purists and to leave an opening for a possible new franchise of films.  How do they swing that?

Concerns aside, can’t wait to get out there and this movie.  It’s great to see the old Enterprise again, and all those characters who’ve become a part of our popular culture.  Check back soon for the official Beemsville movie review.


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